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Sewer dick is what you get after your penis has been in her anus picking up that specific smell.
I pulled my dick out of her ass, now I got sewer dick.
by Pokerman11 January 31, 2008
To wake you up tomorrow. It goes back to the days in before alarms where they used to come around and knock on your door to wake you up. Moden UK or british type hotel clerks will still use the saying.
I'll knock you up in morning, we'll suck a quick fag and be off.
by Pokerman11 January 31, 2008
8 seconds before you blow your wad, you donkey punch your ho. (Must be doggy style)

The trick is to ride until you reach the bell. Donkey punched my bitch then we had rodeo sex.
by Pokerman11 January 31, 2008
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