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Jiji and the Bastards is a electro-death-metal-pop band from File Island formed somewhere in the early 2006 (though the name for the band wasn't decided until later).
Their musical taste combines death metal with electronic shapes and pop elements. It could be described as a fusion between Marilyn Manson and Hilary Duff, but much more twisted and bizarre.
Their style consists mainly on fast guitar riffs, powerful drum beats and symphonic electronic sounds, together with astonishing lyrics with themes revolving around secks, rape, lust, pron, depravation, uncontroled desires, buttsecks, homosexual love, pervertion, wild secks, drugs, psychedelic experiences, pedophilia and other kinds of twisted secks rituals (and occasionally nonsense, insanity and delirium).
ROY: Did you hear? Jiji and the Bastards released their debut album "Amongst Seashells & Octopuss!es"!!
OSWALD: No way! =O
DICK: I love JatB!! <3
by Poisonous Syringes August 31, 2006
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