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An evil and corrupt religion/cult. These people are only misunderstood in the way that instead of being just naive or ignorant. They are one of the most prejudiced groups of people I have ever seen.

I've lived in Mesa, Arizona for half my life, been to at least ten churches, and I have never been exposed to such ignorant or sexist people in my life. I only say these things because my dad's side of the family since the founding of the cult, have been a member (my great-great-grandfather helped founded Thatcher, Arizona).

All the seemingly superstitious elements that are played down and shrugged off like misunderstood traditions are real. All returned missionaries are given secret names that only they themselves can know until they 'reunite' with their family in heaven. Big Love the tv series touches on these subjects.

As evidence that they are unforgiving and vicious people, my father was excommunicated for marrying a divorced woman with a child. He was outcast, left to fend for himself without any familial support. His family didn't speak to him for 10 years, and his name was disparaged throughout the church. This was why he and my mother moved away to the east coast.

When they moved back to Arizona, they tried to integrate themselves back in the church but eventually realized this was not the religion for them.

Mormons might as well be Amish for the way they treat their women. Women are taught to sew, cook, clean, please her man, and basically become the servant to him, and create tons of 'god's children'. If you have less then four children, you are looked down upon. Any woman with leadership skills or a desire to be more than a housewife is told to be obedient and read the scripture.

Mormons are stupid, they are brainwashed sheep that have no self desire or freewill. They'll believe anything the church tells them to and condemn anyone who asks why they should believe what their told.

And polygamy isn't dead. The church has it stated in a document sealed within the central church in Utah that church leaders never gave up polygamy and only went along with it to save face. Leaders of the mormon religion still believe they should have multiple wives but if that got out it would reveal the religion as a bunch of liars.

Those manipulating, POS assholes also stole my idea of becoming a god when you die. Not in their definition, but close enough.
Ted: "Hey! I want to be a Mormon!"

Bob: "What, so you can have a fake name and believe in a guy who's church rituals come from the freemasons and found gold tablets with holy scripture carved into it, just lying somewhere in the forest?"

Ted: "...Well, maybe the secret name part..."
by Pointtech86 March 28, 2009
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