4 definitions by Point Blank

A gang created in Long Beach, California in the early 80s. The gang leader was Crazy S.
You got Eight Ball Crip jacked.
by Point Blank July 02, 2003
One who is highly disliked by ghetto g's of the neighborhood.

See: Yo mama
Get yo ass out the street biatch!
by Point Blank July 04, 2003
Women, plural. Used mainly referring to getting women, or recieving their numbers.
"Ay kid, I was at the club and I copped mad ice cream, son."

by Point Blank April 30, 2006
A greeting. Mixture of Yo and Hola. Used mostly by people in the eastern region of the US.
"Yola, what up, son?"
by Point Blank March 18, 2006

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