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(N) A sexual predator of virgin girls under the legal age. Uses the usual line of "I love you." to seal the deal then disappears the next morning.
Hey, remember Vallery? she was a victim of one night stan too.
by Pogi Number 4 July 03, 2005
A semi-tagalog term meaning oxen shit. Closely related in use to bull shit.
Used to point out a bluff or a nonsense remark.
Pronounced: Call-Uh-Bow Tah-Ay
That is Kalabaw Ta'e!

HE said you couldn't go in? That's kalabaw ta'e!
by Pogi Number 4 July 03, 2005
N. A tagalog-english slang term meaning Douche Bag. Or an instrument containing the discharge of a douched vagina. Usually used as an insult.

Direct translation is vagina bag.
"You ugly pek pek supot!"

"It was disgusting, i can't believe she really spilled her pek pek supot on him."
by Pogi Number 4 November 21, 2005
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