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One who will contact an attractive male or female friend on face book within the first few weeks of the victim's relationship status change from "In A Relationship with..." to "Single" ... Classy Facebook Vultures will usually make first contact through the private messaging service as to avoid a high creepiness rating from the public while the less skilled will post on your wall. These wall posts usually have a reference to an inside joke from the past.
Whoa... Check it out! Anna-Lu just broke up with Chris! I bet if i'm the first person to post on her wall she'll wanna hang out and be all vulnerable and make out with me! -Male Facebook Vulture

O M G Todd and Becky just split up! I'm gonna write on Todd's wall so when he gets his hot sweaty dick online he'll know i care about him!! - Female Facebook Vulture
by Po7zer August 24, 2008

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