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The coolest way to say Alternative Rock, which, since Fall Out Boy, has been more pop-rock than anything.
Interviewer: So what kind of music do you guys play?
Pete: We tend to stick to alternarock since we don't have a big indie crowd.
Interviewer: I guess not with songs like "Sugar, We're going Down". Are you sure you're not just a pop/rock band?
Pete: No, we're definitely alternarock. Definitely.
by PnoGal32 June 13, 2008
An awesome band from Ohio that is forgettable. Being a fellow Ohioan of theirs, I would have to say that they are one of the best bands that have come from the Buckeye State. Their guitars are awesome and they are, a 'rock' group, as classified by iTunes. However, I have found myself listening to their songs on repeat one, and loving them, but then never hearing the songs again, and finding myself shocked when I hear that there is, in fact, a band called Hawthorne Heights.
"Ohio Is for Lovers" is Hawthorne Heights' best song.
by Pnogal32 March 20, 2007

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