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2 definitions by Ploppin Hard

The act of plopping a sloppy/wet shit on the nipple and/or breast. This was originally created by the Germans, as an act of punishment. It is now known as an erotic way to pleasure the body.
Man #1:“Man, I could go for a solid shit on my nips right about now.”

Man #2:”I’m not feeling that at the moment, but I could definitely plop a nug”

For more examples, RE: Two Girls One Cup
by Ploppin Hard July 31, 2009
24 8
Referring to the act of taking a minor dropping at an unexpected time.

The plop itself can only be determined by a legenth of less than 2cm and a radius of 2cm.
"yo, I've been ploppin' a nug daily since that day I ate your moms burrito. what was in there anyway?"
by Ploppin Hard July 30, 2009
13 1