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Greatest game on College Campuses in the history of forever.

You get 1,000 people in the cafateria, tell 500 of them to buy a red marker, tell the other 500 to buy nerf guns. 1 hour after the meeting is over the game begins. The rules are as follows:

1: Cardio

2: To tag when a zombie, make a mark at least an inch long on the SKIN of a survivor with your marker.

3: To tag as a survivor, shoot the zombie at least 1 time in the head, or 2 times in the chest.

4: If tagged by a zombie, you become one. Suck it up.

5: If tagged by a survivor you can't play for 12 hours. Once again, suck it up.

6: If a zombie doesn't kill someone every 24 hours, you are done. You suck and you need to learn to not be so bad at sports.

7: You can't tag people if they are drunk. Its cheap and they won't remember.

8: If you are a zombie, you can tag anybody on campus, but if they don't know how to eplain you have to tell them.

9: When there are 4 survivors left, they win. You have to buy them a beer if they ask for one for the next 6 months.

TIPS: See zombieland.
Zombie tag is a 2 week event at Ball State in Indiana. You should go there.
by Ploofy 4 January 11, 2010
Your Mom is the person I had sex with last night.
Your Mom, ask her.
by Ploofy 4 January 11, 2010
When your friend offers up his fist to pound, and in return you put your flat hand under it and start wiggling it around saying snail. Also a way of telling the world you have no life.
Guy 1: Dude! I can't believe you tapped that chick! Pound it!

Guy 2: (after he fist pound 2 snail's his friend) SNAILED!

Guy 1: Wow...I now have no respect for you.
by Ploofy 4 December 30, 2009
The way that woman are trying to control the world. They know that if they keep all the blood out of our brains, we won't be able to stop them. Also easiest way to have fun.
The woman keep letting us get in their pants so that they can take our money and ruin everything thats fun...well...except for sex.
by Ploofy 4 December 31, 2009

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