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A short version of the saying 'I fall into shit and come out smelling of roses'
Sammy: 'How did you get away with not doing that work?!'
Jimmy: 'Shit and roses mate'
by PlipandPlop April 20, 2007
a word to describe the shittness of life. When everything in the world seems to be going againest you then you are in deep glooba.
idiotic boyfriend: 'holy shit dude my girl just caught me gettin a blow job of her sister!"

friend of idiotic boyfriend: 'man your in deep glooba!'
by PlipandPlop July 25, 2006
The highest form of praise anything can recieve
It goes as follows:

There is no higher form of greatness, comes from a combination of the words immense and mint.
"So was the film any good then?"
"It was amazing, i would go as far to say it was legendary"
"Thats not good enough, it was absolutely mince!"
by PlipandPlop June 02, 2007
verb. smushing or to smush is the active verb of eating, drinking, smoking or talking on your mobile while flying a passenger plane.
'Shit my dog! I just saw the pilot smushing, we need to get off this mother fucking plane dog!'
by PlipandPlop July 24, 2006
a smush or smushes are people who walk very slowly while in front of people in a small place e.g. a shopping centre walkway.
angry shopper: 'i wish these smushes would the hurry the fuck up i got some shopping to do!'

angry shopper 2: 'i know, fucking smushes!'
by PlipandPlop July 27, 2006
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