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When you lather your dick in Elmer's glue, roll around in pine needles and then penetrate an old nigress.
Joe: Hey man, I did a crusty pineapple last night.

Bob: Shit.
by Pleasure Man October 30, 2014
Big purple blotches on a woman's (or man's) breast. Mainly caused by ejaculations from a man on cocaine onto this area. May or may not cause herpes.
Bob: "Whoa, man, you got some big wuddleplumps!"

Joe: "Shit"
by Pleasure Man November 20, 2008
When you take a lemon, open it up and squeeze the juice on someone's tits. The tits then get twisted. Very pleasurable for intense sessions.
"Oh yeah girl, you ready for some lemon twisties?"
by Pleasure Man November 20, 2008
When you diarrhea into somebody's mouth and mix it with Dr. Pepper.
"Man, I gave that girl some good Dr. Pepper Love last night!"
by Pleasure Man November 20, 2008

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