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The act of taking a shower while chewing tobacco. Taking a "chower" is believed to enhance the buzz, the feeling of a warm shower, and the overall day. It is also believed to heal many things. Wounds, stress, heart brake, illness, sourness, being totally sober, etc.
Damn dude, I need to take a chower!
by Please Use December 30, 2010
The mixture of loose leaf chewing tobacco (such as Red Man or Beechnut) and any sort of chewing gum. The chewing gum keeps the snack together as you chew on it but still enjoy the taste and possible buzz of the tobacco. This little treat is what was, once thought to have inspired the writers of Scooby-Doo to make the Scooby Snack...this is most likely not true. What is true, is that this a delicious way to pass time.
Hey what do ya got in your mouth there? ...Just a lil' scooby snack
I'm in need of a scooby snack right now
by Please Use December 30, 2010
Slang for chewing tobacco. Dinos is pronounced like Dinosaur without the 'saur'
"Hey man you wanna Rope a Dino?"
"what are you up to?" "...nothin, just ropin' dinos, hangin out"
by Please Use December 29, 2010
A phrase used in a situation where your ears or your eyes will not even believe what is going on. So your tits are there to change up a common phrase to help express the amount of shock and sensory overload you are going through.
Receiving a terrible grade or getting in trouble at work and then finding out moments later that, that one person who really turns you on either has a significant other or doesn't want to be with you...and then realizing you have the shits

..."I cannot believe my tits right now"
by Please Use December 29, 2010
When chewing tobacco inside the can collects into little balls. The balls of chew or "pebble toads" can easily be rolled out but are a pain in the ass when you want a perfect pack.
This can has a bunch of pebble toads
by Please Use December 31, 2010
Refers to a can of chewing tobacco. A stereotypical coffin is full of death, as so is a can of chewing tobacco. But the word is used amongst chewers as a code so that they may talk about their tobacco with out any having to know.
"dude, i'm dyin right now...we need to get a coffin fast"

"Hey does anyone have a coffin?"

"what does it take for a man to get a coffin around here?"
by Please Use December 29, 2010
Slang for chewing tobacco. picture the tobacco as the baby "joey" kangaroo and you are the mother...you set the joey in the pouch between your lip and gums and enjoy its presence.
I need a Joey right now

Wheres my Joey?
by Please Use December 29, 2010
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