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Girl: -Fuck me you white piece of shit
-Aw, it's cute
-...is it on backwards?
-Where's the tv remote?
-Did you start yet?
-I like your ceiling
-You might want to get checked out after this
-I want a baby

Guy: -Aw I hate tuna...
-Here's the condom I said I would use
-What is THAT?
-Maybe we should have kept the lights off...
-Come on... Those HAVE to be plastic
There are just some things NOT to say during sex...
by PlanX December 04, 2010
1.) When, after sexual intercourse, the male jumps in the air and does a 360 spin and slaps the female's vagina with full force upon landing
2.) When a lumberjack takes his axe and jumps in the air, completing a 360 degree spin and successfully chops a log/tree
3.) When you continually spin while jacking off
I preformed a 360 wood chop on your mom last night!
by PlanX December 04, 2010
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