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The female version of grundleoderant.. to be used to prevent the sweaty stanky mess that accumulate on a females taint during the day.
Phew.. do I smell bapussy? Looks like someone forgot to put on her taintpertine today.
by Pizzy12 January 31, 2008
A fresh smelling cousin of the popular deoderant to be used for the foul-smelling gap between a mans speedbag and chocolate starfish.. See also the female version taintpertine.
Wow honey, tossing your salad is so much more fun now that you wear your grundleoderant!
by Pizzy12 January 31, 2008
"Effervescent Butt Piss" - a form of diarrhea combined with gas that results in a liquidy/foamy, nasty mess.
After Johnny housed those 10 suicide wings from Hooters he had some SERIOUS EBP that night.
by Pizzy12 January 31, 2008

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