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A very hairy twat. This is usually a derogatory term.
Dude, I was about to go down on this chick last night, but she had a total vulvarine goin on down there.
by PizzlefoShizzle May 01, 2009
A way to impart to others that someone, including yourself, has recently taken a crap in any given bathroom. This can be used as a friendly warning.
"The bathroom's down the hall, to your left. I'd be careful though, Joe was in there fecently. You may want to wait a few minutes."
by PizzlefoShizzle May 21, 2006
A roller derby pervert. Someone who watches women's roller derby just for the T&A.
I see that lone creepy dude every bout. He always sits in the stands with his binoculars, what a derbert.
by PizzlefoShizzle November 09, 2009

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