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1.Stoner/hippie slang for weed.

2.What Scooby Doo says
Fred: I'm all out of Scooby snacks would you like a doobie snack?

Shaggy: Oh yeah doobie snacks let's get stoned

Scooby: Scooby DOOBIE *PUFF* doooooooo!!!
#weed #chronic #jay and silent bob #stoners #drugs
by Pizzaman December 26, 2005
1.I funnier way of saying feces

2.Radioactive feces that glows and if you fall in you'll turn into an ***hole literally.
1.Jordan: Eat poo poo you bastard!

2.John Turtle: Oh no I'm fall'n in the Poo poo

John's son: dad I got an A+ on my math test oh no Poo poo
#poop #crap #feces #radioactive #booty
by Pizzaman December 26, 2005
"So Damn Insane"
Saddam Hussein is so damn insane.
by pizzaman August 16, 2003
n. In prison, inmates will put chips, various candy, cheetos etc between two pieces of bread. (like a sandwich) and eat it. It gets its name from the chips or whatever being slamed between two pieces of bread.
Big bubba and Joey made some slams in their cell yesterday. When Big bubba was parolled he taught me how to make some slams
#bread #prison #candy #chips #lock up
by Pizzaman July 31, 2010
-cut up
I sliced his adam's apple cuz' he wouldn't give me his dro.
by PizzaMan October 31, 2003
Taxed or stolen....
That fool snatched his dope out of his pocket
by PizzaMan October 31, 2003
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