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A HabboX is a special Habbo, who should tour new Habbo's and tell 'em what's good and bad, but all they actually do is show off with their special 'X' badges, and go to 'HabboX shows' where other Habbo's come to and shout stuff like 'ZOMG ITSA HABBOX!11!'. One of Sulake's worse ideas.
Habbo: Shouldn't you tour new Habbo's? :/
HabboX: Mind your own business -.-
Habbo: :(
by Pixx September 24, 2006
"Very good fight". When, in Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, you or your opponent wins a lightsaber duel with very little hp left and you have duelled for over 20 minutes, the fight was very good.
Apple has defeated Banana with 0/12 left
Apple: vgf
Banana: vgf indeed!
by Pixx May 20, 2006
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