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abbreviated hacker language or AHL is not a number bassed language or one in which letters are replaced with things like 'ph' for 'f'.
AHL is actually a language that programmers use(Dictionary definition of hacker is "one who is talented with computers(eg programmer)" or "Someone who uses computers for illegal activities") and is used when talking about a script, bugs in a script, used most commonly in basic and java.
'On *:TEXT:*<text>:#:{' is replaced with 'on *:txt:#:'
' Set %var <variable>" is replaced by '%var <variable>'
Used only in chat text when you are to lazy to write it out or find and coppy and paste the file.
When there is an unknown varriable (Eg a password ect) it is placed in tags and underlined. EG
Person1: "how do I identify my nickname in IRC"
Person2: "./ns identify <password>"
Person1 then types in '/ns identify thisisapassword"
Abriviations are used alot, eg:
LOL: Laugh out loud (used in chat rooms ect)
GTFO: Get the F*ck out (used when someone in a chat room is being anoying)
KB: Kick Ban (Used with GTFO eg: Noob: "lulz u r all t3h gheyzorz" Hacker/programer: "GTFO moron, Oi mod, Kb that tard"
SOC?: Shell of Choice?
SKOC?: Skin of Choice?
It is belived hackers/programers use leet because of jokes that are often made. eg:
Person1: "Hey man, how's it going"
Person2: "I feel like a million bucks put in the dryer and set on spin"
Person1: "Gheyzorz"
Person2: "lol"
Person1: "Hey man, how's it going"
Person2: "Meh"
Person1: "I started a dA"
Person2: "SKOC?"
Person1: "Defult atm"
Person2: "Gheyz0rs"
Person1: "Yeah, lol. How do I use DOSBox?"
Person2: "Uhh, Line1: Mount <drive> <directory(inc drive)> Line2: <drive> Line3: CD <Game folder> Line4: <Game>.<file type>"
Person1: "Thanks, g2g bai"
Person2: "Bai lol"

^^Thats abbreviated hacker language^^
by Pixel-Pirate November 12, 2007

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