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A computer-generated dream world, built to turn the human body into this. (holds up marijuana blunt)

A place where Neo, Trinity, Morpheus, and all the other heroes can go to get high.
Wake up Neo.. The Weedtrix has you
by Piston hater April 30, 2006
1.Detroit Pistons backwards. Well just the Pistons part, anyway.

2. New drink coming out at McDonald's any day now, knowing their business it will taste just as bad as any other drink they serve.
1. The Pistons suck. Their name backwards is Snot Sip.

2. (To the cashier) "Hello, I'll take a large Snot SIp, please..."
by Piston hater April 30, 2006
The worst team in the NBA, most overrated team. Everybody thinks they are so good because they have Ben Wallace, etc. They got thrashed by the San Antonio Spurs in the 2005 Finals and they deserved it.

,,|,, *_* ,,|,, (flipping off the detroit pistons)
by Piston hater April 30, 2006

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