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Something that's quite awful at the same time as being awesome.
"Ringo, may I be the first to say that the wolf you airbrushed on your car is awfsome."
by Pistol Pete Maravich February 13, 2009
A disability that manifests primarily as a difficulty with basic grammar and spelling on the popular trading website Craigslist.

Craigslexia is characterized by problems learning how to decode words, to spell, and to write classifieds advertisements accurately and fluently.

Craigslexic individuals often have difficulty "breaking the code" of sound-letter association (the alphabetic principle), and they may also reverse or transpose letters when writing or confuse letters.

Craigslexia is a lifelong condition that cannot be reversed, but appropriate remedial instruction and compensatory strategies may help craigslexic individuals to go on and live a whole, fulfilling life buying and selling goods online.
Seller: exelent cond Jeep Wranlger 4 sale!! To good to miss your gonna lov it

Buyer: Dear seller, Despite your obvious Craigslexia, your car sounds like a great buy. When can I take a look?
by Pistol Pete Maravich July 21, 2008
An especially convincing fake in sports, especially basketball.

From the dodgy practice of selling fake/lookalike items, particularly Nike Air Jordan's on the popular personal trading site.
NBA game circa. 1988 Chicago Bulls V. Atlanta Hawks, when defender Tree Rollins was so thrown by a Michael Jordan fake, that he stumbled and fell to his knees.

"Impressive fake there from Jordan. Rollins fell for it like an Ebay scam."
by Pistol Pete Maravich May 27, 2007
(Nintendo + Incontinence)

Staying up all night wiiing.
"Hey why were you late to work this morning?"

"Ahh, my nincontinence was acting up again. I just kept wiiing and wiiing."
by Pistol Pete Maravich February 16, 2008
Ladyboy radar.

Extra sensory perception that allows one to detect the presence of a ladyboy.

Origin: The combination of the words "ladyboy" and "radar".

"Ladies at the club last night were smokin!"

"Calibrate your lay-dar, dude. They weren't ladies, they were ladyboys."
by Pistol Pete Maravich January 05, 2008
When everything you touch turns to shit. The opposite of The Midas Touch.
Agreed. He has the Feces Touch.
by Pistol Pete Maravich January 31, 2011
Drinking so much Guinness beer that you are hypothetically in the running for a world record.
Bob: Steve almost set a Guinness World Record last night at the pub.

Paul: For his really long fingernails?

Bob: No, he just drank shitloads of Guinness.
by Pistol Pete Maravich July 09, 2011
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