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Okay, so I live in NOVA and I just got really pissed when I read this Southern Virginian bastard's definition:

"So Northern Virginia, please do the rest of the state a favor, and become part of Maryland. Northern Virginia you're money will not be missed because you have no class."

Our money will not be missed? Excuse me, but Northern Virginia pays a huge percent of the state taxes compared to its size. So our money goes to you Southern wankers so you can actually go to a decent school. And maybe we will leave, then at least our hard-earned money won't go to ungrateful assholes like you.

Most Southern Virginians have never been to Northern Virginia, they're just making up things to make us look bad because they know we're better than them.

Most of us aren't spoiled brats, our parents *just* make a lot of money. We are most definitely not snobby.

-I've lived in Reston (NOVA) for a very long time, and I can just say I met some of the truest, funniest, smartest, beautiful (on the inside, and out), and most down-to-earth people in my entire life. I've met so many FUCKEN AMAZING people and I love them all to death.

Stop stereotyping us because you have no fucking idea of anything in Northern Virginia.

So go get a life fuck yourselves, Southern Virginians, you know no one else will.

(Hey, if you're a Southern Virginian and you don't hate us Novans, I didn't mean you. I'm only being a bitch because someone else was.)
Southern Virginian: Northern VA has no class, no money, no decent people.

Northern Virginian: Oh look whos talking.
by PissedOffRestonerr February 19, 2010

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