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A chick who is so much of a slut, that theres always enough of her as a guy wants to go around.

A chick who you know does anything sexual to all of her guy "friends" any time she goes out to "the movies" with them.

A chick who will turn tricks (any trick) for money. After all, you do have to pay for a buffet.
Kelly: "Man, that chick always does everything and anything sexual to all of her so-called boyfriends."
Jack: "She's a total slut buffet."

Joe: "I heard that Lisa will do whatever a guy wants her to for a low price."
Mark: "What a slut buffet."
by Pirate_Princess007 September 02, 2010
Just like a slut buffet except cheaper.

A person (usually a woman) who will pretty much do anything and everything to her so-called "dates" for a very cheap price.

You can take her on a date to the dollar movies and not buy popcorn, and she will do anything for you.
Gary: "All I did was buy Tina a ring that cost me 50 cents, and she gave me a b.j!"
Josh: Dude, sweet! She's such a discount slut buffet, isn't she?"
by Pirate_Princess007 September 08, 2010

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