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Another saying for jacking off. Much, much funnier though. It originally comes from playing a game of tips in basketball and scoring 20 and needing to hit off to 21.
Man this chick makes me want to hit off.
Announcer: Johnson to the line, he needs to hit off here.
by Pipe Line February 26, 2008
When someone has pussy for breakfast and lunch in the same day.
Bob Hope was know to go on a pussy blunch here and there because he was such a clit titan.
(see "clit titan" for explanation)
by Pipe Line March 13, 2008
A place for guys to dock their dicks.
That bitches cunt port was so wide that we could dock three dicks in there.
by Pipe Line February 26, 2008
A guy who goes the extra mile in any situation and dedicates his entire life to getting pussy. It can also be used as "clit titans".
Bob Hope was a clit titan in his younger years.
Instead of playing basketball the Seattle Supersonics are a bunch of "clit titans", that's why they are moving to Oklahoma City.
by Pipe Line February 26, 2008
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