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A rising 60's actress and sex symbol, Sharon Tate (1943-1969) is most noted for her senseless slaying at the hands of the Manson Family while nine and a half months pregnant. In life, Sharon was known for her incredible beauty, marriage to director Roman Polanski, and exceptionally sweet and gentle disposition. Her biggest role was in the 1967 film adaptation of 'Valley of the Dolls', playing Jennifer North, a character bearing striking similarities to herself. The brutality of Sharon's murder was further aggravated by the callousness of the press (who fabricated stories involving drugs, orgies, and occultism to tarnish the five victims) and the blitheness of the killers and their cult leader, Charles Manson.
"In death, they made a monster out of her. A monster out of the sweetest, most innocent, lovable human being. She was kindness itself to everybody and everything around her — people, animals, everything. She just didn't have a bad bone in her body. She was a unique person. It's difficult to describe her character. She was just utterly good, the kindest human being I've ever met, with an extreme patience. To live with me was proof of her patience, because to be near me must be an ordeal. She never had a bad temper, she was never moody. She enjoyed being a wife. The press and the public knew of her physical beauty, but she also had a beautiful soul, and this is something that only her friends knew about."
--Roman Polanski, on wife Sharon Tate (interview with Playboy magazine, 1971).
by PinkGoddess December 12, 2010
A female human whose beauty and/or sex appeal is so freakishly exaggerated as to lead those around her to suspect that she is a shape-shifting alien, hologram, hallucination or digital simulation. Folklore has it that in medieval times Debbie Harry was the name attributed to evil forces operating under a human guise, which used a velvet-like siren's call to lull unsuspecting listeners into a state of hypnosis while four dark lords appeared, possibly to extract the listener's soul.
*Watches Heart of Glass music video*

"I didn't know they had computer animation back in the 70's."

..."Oh wait, that's just Debbie Harry".
by PinkGoddess December 14, 2010
The most glorious band in the history of existence. What the angels listen to in Heaven.
"Yes makes the Beatles sound like a Backstreet Boys cover band".
by PinkGoddess December 16, 2010
A great novella written by Truman Capote in 1958 and later hijacked in 1961 to produce a watered-down film of the same name in the form of a romantic comedy. Narrated by a male christened "Fred", the story centres upon his former friend Holly Golightly, a street wise, free-spirited nineteen year old who ran away from her Texas home and husband to live life as a scandalous socialite/call girl/wannabe gold-digger in New York. The underlying theme is the fear of love, stability, and emotional attachment that drives Holly's "wild thing" persona, and the inability of the narrator's inhibited love for Holly to manifest itself as her salvation. Unlike the film version, Capote's Holly is true to life in that psychologically damaged people do not drastically change their ways and live happily ever after once they are basically told to grow up. Also unlike the film, a horrendously unfunny racist portrayal of Mr Yunioshi is absent.
"It's better to look at the sky than live there. Such an empty place; so vague. Just a country where the thunder goes and things disappear."
--Holly Golightly, 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'.
by PinkGoddess December 16, 2010

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