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A box that most people have. It is for when the person is feeling extremely sad or just unwilling to cooperate. They go and hide in it. Somehow it manages to hold even the largest person.
Girl: Dude, you suck!
Dude: ;_; *hides in emo box*
by Pinesol May 09, 2009
A type of mud that sticks to everyone and everything. It's extremely hard to get off. Standing in it too long can cause you to slightly sink in it.
Person 1: Oh lord, look at all this mud on my pants and shoes! I barely touched the stupid mud!
Person 2: Dang, thats black mud, you'd better stay inside.
by Pinesol May 10, 2009
Periods of time when everyone decides that they need a boyfriend or girlfriend, and rushes to get one immediately, not caring who they end up with. Most common in middle-schools and high-schools.
Eric: *listening to the rumors and watching all the guys and girls sit next to each other* Dating frenzy...
Best friend (girl): Hmm.. Eric, I always thought you were kind of cute... Wanna hook up and go to the up-coming dance?
Eric: Please stay away from me...
Several other girls: Hey, Eric, cutie-pie, take me to the dance?!
Eric: 0_0
by Pinesol January 08, 2009

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