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The mascot of The Lakeside Amusement Park in the video game series Silent Hill. A pink rabbit, with overalls and a bloody mouth, who first appears in Silent Hill 3. He is seen presumably dead whilst sitting on a bench at the amusement park. One would presume that the man or woman in the Robbie the Rabbit suit is deceased.

He then again appears as just a carnival doll in Silent Hill 4. As you peep in on Eileen, your next door neighbor, you can see him sitting on her bed. After a couple of times of checking up on her, you can see him staring and pointing at your direction.

Fortunately, you do not fight Robbie in either games, but in Silent Hill Arcade you have the chance to fight him and his dopplegangers. Robbie also has his own video, as Pyramid Head does, in which he drags around the corpses of his look-alikes.
"The Easter Bunny has nothing on Robbie the Rabbit."
by Pinder January 27, 2008
Gujrati, aka gujus fudhus, are the smelliest people of india, and they always steal jatts onions becuase gujus are rats. They also try to talk punjabi when they drink, but usually can't because they have the iq of a retarded rat.
Hi im guju, or gujrati, im going to take ur onions because i am a rat, Tusi meinu ithay onion.
by Pinder March 05, 2007

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