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An event which will provoke the release of all known human bodily fluids, though not every person in attendance will release all of the fluids. Among the fluids to be released:
* Tears: The mother of the bride will cry at how nice her daughter looks and how beautiful the event is;
* Nasal discharge: Someone is bound to sneeze during the service;
* Sweat: The groom will be sweating, as he’ll be wondering if he’s making the right choice and ponders how his life may change;
* Saliva: “You may now kiss the bride …”
* Urine: At one point, all guests are going to have to take a leak;
* Vomit/stomach acid: Someone’s bound to have a few too many at the reception and spend much of the time driving the porcelain bus;
* Semen/vaginal fluids: The couple will get their freak on for the first time as husband and wife, if not the first time ever;
* Milk: If the bride gets pregnant, her ta-tas will produce milk when the baby is born;
* Blood: The divorce a few years down the road will result in either physical or figurative bloodshed
Better bring a towel - weddings result in loss of bodily fliuds!
by Pimpmaster Pete July 10, 2008
A pond in Milford, Connecticut on the corner of Meadowside and Robert Treat that has been renamed Walker's Pond in recent times.
I don't know if I'd ever swim in Nig's Pond; it's not too clean.
by Pimpmaster Pete June 04, 2007
An idiotic Internet website frequented in high volume by teens and 20-somethings who have nothing better to do with their life than contribute to the stupidity of a generation and society as a whole. Such idiotic practices often seen on MySpace include failure to respect the English language by desecrating it with slang, intentional misspellings, and lack of proper punctuation; the discussion of unimportant social happenings, such as drinking, clubbing, repugnant music, and other things which are not related to actual intelligent life, news, politics, or light socialization; the dilution of the term "friend" (it's more important to have a few close, true friends rather than 200 you know little to nothing about); the posting of over-the-top personal information by the careless and carefree youth who run the risk of becoming victimized as a result; and just being, overall and above all else, one of the biggest toxic waste dumps of and hazards to 21st century society.
Matt: Hey Henry, what's your MySpace address?

Henry: I don't have one.

Matt: What? You're cool; you need one.

Henry: I don't believe in MySpace. I have a brain, a few "true" friends, am secure with myself, and love the English language.

Matt: But MySpace is so hot now, it's the bomb.

Henry: Matt, you've known me for years. You know that I hit the spell check button when I send instant messages, know that I don't care much for trends or pop culture, know that I'm a staunch conservative, and know that I like to keep my life from being publicized for the free world. If you love MySpace then fine, it's your life to lose. But as for me, it's not for me, my friend, it's not for me.
by Pimpmaster Pete May 18, 2007
The process, after masturbation and ejaculation, of grasping the penis at or near the base, pulling the head towards the belly button, and abruptly forcing it forward. This results in the ejaculation flying off the penis and landing on whatever is a short distance away, which hopefully is just a floor.
Jic-n-flick saves time and is useful when no cleanup tools are available. It is not recommended, however, for people wearing expensive formal clothing, when near open food or drink, while in the same room as your sleeping grandfather, when in a room containing priceless artwork, or while performing open heart surgery.
by Pimpmaster Pete May 18, 2007
Good for a quick meal.
Just Blazin!
by Pimpmaster Pete May 26, 2004
A talented musician who prefers wangs in his bum.
Elton John's hits include "Crocodile Rock," "Rocketman," "Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road," "Candle in the Wind," and David Furnish's ass.
by Pimpmaster Pete May 18, 2007
A member if the defeatist cocksuckers party. The party's positions include the following repugnant traits and beliefs: Being invested in the United States' defeat in the War on Terror, turning every political issue into an agenda-driven, Bush-bashing event, endorsing gay marriage and the pro-anal sex movement, opposing the execution of the most heinous and vile murders and supporting the slaughter of unborn children, stealing the money of those who have earned it via our great capitalist economy, creating endless government social programs and bureaucracies and polluting the nation with government handouts, supporting the burning of the American flag with glee, despising Christianity and the religious-right while at the same time embracing Islam and Allah with open arms, opposing the concept of personal responsibility, supporting the smoking of cannabis and other intoxicants/drugs, pandering, a detestation of the Second Amendment, supporting the concept of Big Government and the repeal of our freedoms, and overall - and above all else - contributing to the downfall of this fine nation.
America has two major political parties: Republican and Defeatist - oh, sorry - I meant Republican and Democrat.

In the 2006 elections, I cannot comprehend why so many Americans voted against their own country and put the Democrats in control of the House and Senate. Lord forgive them and have mercy on their souls, for they know not what they have done.
by Pimpmaster Pete May 20, 2007

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