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The most excruciating pain you can experience while still having your balls intact. It happens when you've had an erection for a long time, but never achieved orgasm. If your cratch brushes the slightest bit against anything, it feels like they've been hit with a hammer.
She jerked me around for a few hours, but every time I was about to blow my load, she stopped. Now I've the worst blueballs ever.
by Pimpalicious March 24, 2005
used in conjunction with it's all goodand keepin it real
its's all good, it's all real, keepin it real, yo.
by Pimpalicious March 27, 2004
See "It's all good". Usually used repetitively in conjuction with synonym, followed by the phrase, "Keepin't real, y'all." or, in the case of macking up an attractive young lady, "baby girl".
It's all good, it's all real, keepin' it real, ya'll.
by Pimpalicious March 27, 2004

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