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Used to refer to either Black and Milds (a type of cheap cigar) or Djarum Blacks (a type of clove cigarette).
Yo, mang, gimme one of those blacks.
by Pimp Triscuit September 10, 2008
n. The condition which stems from the attribution of an "-ism" to every concept.

Ismism is commonly seen in academia, where terms such as realism, impressionism, romanticism, formalism, libertarianism, anarchism, naturalism, modernism, postmodernism, etc. are incessantly created and applied to every new situation.

Ismists are too focused on labeling everything to appreciate anything.

Etymology: English suffix -ism, referring to the doctrine or common set of characteristics associated with the root, applied to itself.
Our professor wouldn't stop talking about the vague distinction between realism and naturalism. She must be an ismist.

Academia today is rampant with ismism, with too many isms to count.
by Pimp Triscuit September 13, 2010
A person or group of people is said to eat their shit if they abandon all reason when forming a positive opinion.

Phrases using this construction are generally immediately followed by a conjunction and another clause describing the unreasonable or irrational action that is being performed by the subject.

From a logical viewpoint, people who eat their shit seem completely ridiculous. However, upon scientific inspection, it is revealed that eating one's shit is a social phenomenon closely related to, and indeed perhaps the same as, the bandwagon effect, which is well-documented in the field of psychology.
"It's one of those fuckin' animated movies that everybody goes and sees and fuckin' eats their shit and loves."

"Everyone eats their shit and wants an iPhone."

"Those kids eat their shit and spend all their time playing Smash Brothers."
by Pimp Triscuit December 14, 2009

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