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Cool guy that has a fly ride, and can get bitches and weed in less than an hour.
"Hey pimp daddy, I gotz to get crunked tonight...can you hook it up?"
by Pimp Juice April 19, 2004
a term used for a possy member or gangsta
damn whody u smell like ass
by pimp juice April 01, 2003
When a guy goes down on a girl and the girl is on her period. Not only is she on her period but she's wearing a tampon (not a pad.) When the guy finally arives at the spot, he grabs the tampon by the string with his teeth and shakes it like a dog attacking a sock making the tampon hit him on his cheeks leaving bloody war paint hence the "war chief."
Dude, my girl is on the rag, I wonder if I'll be able to war chief tonight.
by Pimp Juice April 14, 2005
A future wave in the music industry that is gonna blow everyother record lable off the charts, especially with its founder Evan!
Hova!! Hova!! Throw yo hands up!
by Pimp Juice February 02, 2004
a mangy old whore
shut yo mouf ugly ass crookshank
by pimp juice April 01, 2003
A flakie little bitch.
This guy name Joe.
by Pimp Juice April 01, 2004
The Pimptacularly Pimptastic Playboy legend known up and down the east coast for his asianic raw animal magnetism.
How are we supposed to land a date with the decent busted wolf-girls here in Williamsburg when Fat Pang's in town???
by pimp juice October 15, 2004

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