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Expression mostly used by uneducated Anglophones, meaning “dead”. Heard after a few beers, in conversations held in the presence of French Canadiens. It comes from “filed under “H”, for history”, but with the speaker unknowingly believing that French “histoire” is spelled “E-stoire”.
I fucked her so hard last night, that her cunt is filed under E.

She filed herself under E after dropping the hair-dryer in the tub.

Startled by the heavy truck traffic, the rich bitch’s pink poodle darted towards the road; it was filed under E upon arrival at the Vet's clinic.
by Pilot January 21, 2004
1. Russian for "someone who flies."
2. A Whimit user who flies airplanes and gets lots of booty.
1. Today Lyotchik realized, once again, just how boring his co-op is and proceeded to pimp random hoez.
by Pilot March 11, 2004
1337 word used by losers living in their mom's basement because another player isn't playing to the level they're on. what goons.
angry.phone: LOLOL you n00b i am KING
player: alright, join a health club
angry.phone: NO n00b HAHAHHA L0z3r
player: while you're at it, stick a gun to your mouth, you deserve it.
by pilot March 28, 2004

1. An offensive person.
2. A powerful smell.


1. Unpleasant smelling.
2. Not a socially accetpable thing to do.
You copped out on us again, you fuckin' dank.

That is the dankest smelling shirt ever.

What a dank ass answer, thinking it was true when it was clearly false.
by Pilot December 29, 2004
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