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1 definition by PillyPeng

Although it originated from a picture of a man streaching his anus amazingly wide, GOATSE is now a verb.

GOATSE: verb.
To cause someone to navigate to a website, which usually contains only one image; by giving a faulty web adress. Said image must be disgusting and scaring. The beauty of GOATSE is that a person only realizes what it is once they have seen it. HAHAHA! PWNED!

(Note: The original GOATSE picture is sometimes referred to as THE GOATSE)
(Note 2: The goatse is one of a huge amount of suh websites)
Therapist: When did all your problems start?
Patient: This one time. When I got GOATSE-d.
by PillyPeng July 18, 2006
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