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a really long word that people say to make themselves look impressive

The actual definition, although most people don't know it, is to be against political and social establishment (basically pro-anarchy)
Hey look! I know a really long word!
Yeah! Antiestablishmentarianism!
What does it mean?
Um....I dunno...


I have a firm belief in antiestablishmentarianism.
Good for you.
Wait, what does it mean?
by Pillar of Autumn May 10, 2011
The blue pokemon that many people use to annoy others, especially on mudkipz.ws

The third, water type starter in third generation Pokemon.

A mud covered animal skin

A cross between a catfish and a feline (just imagine that) and painted blue and orange
Annoying Kid: So I herd u liek mudkipz.
Computer Nerd: Jack off, kid.
Annoying Kid: (types "mudkipz.ws" in the address bar) Now do u liek mudkipz?
Computer Nerd: (Pulls out shotgun and blows off the kid's head)

BIRCH: Would you like a mudkip?
(Insert Name): Hell yeah!

Colonist: What's that? Something you clean your shit with?
Native: Nah, it's a muddy kip. We just call it mudkip.

Boy #1: What's that?
Boy #2: It's a mudkip. I saw it coming out of that cat over there a few hours ago. Then a guy came and painted it blue.
by Pillar of Autumn May 17, 2011
4 in binary

the bestest grade in the world
Coach: How many push ups did you do?
Student: 4
Coach: I gave you an assignment to do 100...
Student: I did 100!
by Pillar of Autumn September 11, 2011
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