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For females, the act of going #1
Right at the point of not, she had to run out to split the whisker
by Pietervdr November 14, 2007
The POC Factor or "Piece of Crap" factor (Patent Pending) is universal scale for assessing or describing the crap-ness of almost anything.

The POC factor generally rates from 1 to 10. 1 being not very crappy at all, and 10 being the biggest POC since MS-DOS 4.

Decimal fractions are generally preferred so as to distinguish things that are uttelry equal POC's yet difficult to differentiate.
Check out this boofhead, driving that homey bling mobile, that must have a POC factor of some where between 8 and 9, I'd guess probably around 8.7 The driver is an 8.9

Why Microsoft can't develop any software with a POC factor of less than 5.2 amazes me.
by Pietervdr November 14, 2007
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