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Silly Sausage, a light hearted insult to describe someone who is being silly or generally stupid.
Person 1: How cool was the OC last night?!
Person 2: You silly sausage.
by Piepiepie November 08, 2006
A New Zealand owned supermarket. Owned by Foodstuffs who also own Pak'N Save and 4square. Tend to under pay their hardworking staff especially students.
Person 1: Man I work at McDonalds... My life is so crap
Person 2: Speak for yourself I work at New World
Person 1: Actually life doesnt seem so bad after all
by Piepiepie November 11, 2006
Pieroll actually doesnt involve using pies contrary to what most people think. Created in 2004 by 2 young Pieroll enthusiasts Gaf (Gareth Mauchline) and Arran James, Pieroll took off. Pierolling consists of choosing a medium to large sized hill preferably covered in grass or something similar in texture (avoid rocks if at all possible). Once a suitable hill has been found, one proceeds by simply rolling down it in an interesting fashion or style. Its popularity has dimmed in recent years but it still remains popular with hardcore fans and rollers.
Person 1: Im bored... What should I do?
Person 2: Lets Pieroll!
Person 3: Fuck yes.
by Piepiepie November 07, 2006
A film production company set up in 2004 by the founders Gaf Gaf and Arran. The company has many hits to its name such as Cockroaches, The Yeti, Fruits of the Forest, Lord of the Rings 4, and Skooter Boi. Quite possibly one of the greatest combinations of genius in the history of film Pie Productions is still producing and entertaining audiences worldwide.
Person 1: Wow that film owned... Who made it?
Person 2: Pie Productions.
Person 1: Thought so.
by Piepiepie November 11, 2006
Honera, a game world on the game Tibia. The server is full of account sharing brazilians, noobs or generally stupid people. If a person does something wrong people within the community dont seem to care aslong as it doesnt affect them (see Karimmar Chael).
Typical day in Honera game chat

Player 1: Karimmar Chael just thiefed 800k from a person who trusted him and were good friends... I say we ignore him.
Other Players: Ja mens we agree
Karimmar Chael: Aew
Other Players: Hey mens wana be mein frens?
Player 1: >.<
by Piepiepie November 12, 2006

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