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1.- an insult if it is used between people that doesn't know each other or are fighting.

2.- a greeting.

3.- in spanish, the word "motherfucker" is translated as "conchatumadre", but it depends of who are you referring to because de speaking change... see the diference in example 3.
1.- shut the fuck up, motherfucker!!! you killed my grandpa'!!
(callate, conchatumadre!!! mataste a mi abuelo!!)

2.- hey! wazzup motherfucker!!
(apla! que hay conchatumadre!!)

3.- *motherfucker!!! you cut my leg!! (conchaTUmadre!! me cortaste la pierna!!)
*that motherfucker is going to die!! (ese conchaSUmadre va a morir!!)
by PiPiLiGrAmA October 29, 2006

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