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"Second in command." An abbreviation supposedly used by the military. Used in para-military novels such as those written by Andy McNabb.
"Corporal Jones will be 2IC for this mission."
by Pi3832 July 11, 2005
(noun) Derogitory term for the "white trash" underclass. The kind of folks that smoked in high school and took auto mechanics.

Derived from "The Grit Pit," the name for the designated smoking area at Westerville South High School. (A designated smoking area at a HIGH SCHOOL?! Ah, yes, those were the days.)
Don't cut behind the baseball dugouts--that's where the grits hang out.
by Pi3832 August 16, 2005
A marginalizing term for a female. Shortening of "bit of it," which is itself a variation on "piece of ass."
She's a good-looking bit, but every time she opens her mouth I just want to smack her... or stick something in it.
by pi3832 May 04, 2005
(Verb) To do something badly; to fail.

Derived from basketball slang, where to "throw up a brick" is to shoot the ball badly.
"Hey, ump, you really bricked that call."
by Pi3832 August 16, 2005

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