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Someone who logs onto Facebook for a very short period of time to look at all of the updates on his or her feed, check for wall posts and messages, and update his or her status. This sniper then logs off as quickly as possible to avoid being caught in conversation with Facebook campers. This is a way of life for people who dislike Facebook chat or have "friends" who like it way too much to be healthy.
Her Facebook sniper routine has been streamlined to about thirty seconds, ninety if her friends have been up to anything interesting or if she feels the need to reply to something. She prepares her status updates beforehand.
by PhyllisDean September 16, 2009
Someone who is constlantly on Facebook waiting to ambush any of his or her "friends" who will reciprocate and lure them into a drawn-out chat session consisting solely of the past few days' trivial occurrences. Facebook camping has led to the phenomenon of Facebook sniping.
Facebook camper: Hey. Guess what I just saw!
Facebook sniper: is offline
by PhyllisDean September 16, 2009
Someone who eats only vegetarians.
JR: "Hey, let's go eat someone."
Me: "We have to make sure they're vegetarian first. I'm a vegeterianarian."
by PhyllisDean August 05, 2009
When a man is acting like a woman on her period. If he is moody and irritable, he is said to be "womenstruating"
"Do you really mean that, or are you just saying it? Can't you be sensitive and sincere for once?"
"Dude, don't womenstruate at me! Jesus!"

by PhyllisDean January 30, 2009
The command for every male in the room to nonchalantly put one hand down the front of his pants as though there were a pocket there.

"At ease, men."
by PhyllisDean August 05, 2009
(n.) The part of you that punishes you for things you wouldn't admit to feeling guilty about. This can be through subconscious actions that fuck you in the ass later, or through giving you especially bad physical effects (hangover, half-baked-ness at school, etc.)
I left an empty beer can on my desk and my pops found it. Damn my subconscience.

I woke up feeling like Courtney Love had given me a working-over with a rubber mallet and Andre the Giant was giving me the Heimlich. Must be my subconscience punishing me for the thing with the beer and the tequila and Cindy and the strawberry jam and the passenger seat that we tore out of that Cadillac. God I hate Thursdays.
by PhyllisDean November 25, 2009
the breakfast of champions
John Belushi attributes all of his Olympic gold medals to little Chocolate Donuts - the breakfast of champions.
by PhyllisDean August 05, 2009

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