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Anyone who sides with or borrows the customs, rules, or styles of another group to be recognized. This branches out to the most mainstream popular groups, to the lowest underground groups. There is a 92% chance that the person reading this is, or is somewhat, a conformist. The other 8% most likely will continue to be original until some jackass says "Ur friggin awesum!!!1" and makes all his/her friends believe that what the individual is doing is cool to some extent, and in no time flat the fad that was just created becomes so annoying an 'anti' group is formed against it, in which now there are 2 more groups people will once again conform to and the cycle will repeat until an old idea (retro) is brought back. The retro fad halts the cycle for sometime, and when it leaves the cycle starts again

Individual: Hey watch this! (shows friend original idea)

Conformist: OMG!! thats soooo kewl!!! let me show everyone!!!!

Individual: aw shit, here we go again.
#prep #emo #goth #playa #scene
by Phrotastik February 13, 2008
short for 'sorry', except in a four-letter word form with no vowels, making it not actually a real word
Person 1: Weren't you supposed to pick up my kids?

Person 2: Oops! syrz!
#sorri #sorry #apologize #sryz #sorrz #soymilk
by Phrotastik February 16, 2008
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