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An expression usable by Xbox Live users meaning a gamer who doesn't currently have Xbox Live; usually resulting in angry friends.
Derrick: Why has Rick not been playing Halo 3 for the past four days with us?
Gerald: He's renting a new apartment, so he found paying for Live pointless.
Derrick: Ha, he better not be Live Lacking for long. He's ou best sniper.
by Phospheric July 06, 2009
Used when someone constantly checks their account on a social networking website, in hopes of receiving comments or messages from friends.
Eric: Hey, hand me my iPhone.
Harry: Who are you going to call?
Eric: Oh, nobody. Just checking my Myspace and Facebook to see if Tyler replied to my message.
Harry: Can't you just wait until we get back? You MyRape all the time.
by Phospheric July 04, 2009
A system of numbers used to define an amount much higher than it actually is; such as when people say how many times they've had sex.
Thomas: I swear, man, *pant* I've run around this building 18 times today!

Richard: Yeah, maybe in Sex Numbers. Lose some weight.
by Phospheric July 04, 2009
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