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A suburb about 36 miles west of D.C. Used to be open farmland about 15 years ago. Now it has many new residential developments where yuppie families and soccer moms move to get away from the city. Haymarket is the typical post-WWII American Dream vision of suburbia, where mommy, daddy, Bobby, Tammy, and their dog Polly live in a nice big house and are constantly smiling. Nice place to live in if you have a family. Live there while you're single however, and you will slowly lose your sanity, possibly killing yourself in the end. If work in DC and you live out there, your everyday commutes will easily take up 3-4 hours of transportation time due to traffic on Interstate 66.
Patty: "Honey, lets live in a nice big house next to the golf course in Haymarket"
Danny: "Yes sweetie, I'm getting tired of this crazy population here in Fairfax"
by PhoenixFolded March 27, 2010

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