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Democratic Congressman from Ohio. Believes in peace, universal healthcare and human rights. About 5'6", vegan, 58 years old, cute, frequently wears yellow ties. Has been observed to flip a peace sign on occasion and hug people by way of a hello. Has a purple house and one daughter. Fiery public speaker and former professor.
Dennis Kucinich pwned Ed Herman in the 2004 race for Ohio's 10th Congressional District.
by Phoebe November 10, 2004
A fictional spokesman for the beer company:
He represents all that is malty
and alcholic.
Tends to do alot of thrusting
to the song "Oh yeah" by Yello.
The simpsons.
"Duff man is thrusting in the direction
of the problem!"
"Duff man can never die,
only the actors who play him!"
by Phoebe April 06, 2004
Following George W. Bush wherever he may take us without questioning his morality, motivation or judgement.
As our government coalish, sending more and more troops into Iraq.
by Phoebe March 30, 2005
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