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The Wanted are five sexual gods placed on earth by our heavenly father to create beautiful music and make teenage girls around the world wet their panties. These boys are sexual preditors, they will rip of your under garments with their teeth, especially Jay McGuiness, the sexy curly haired guy in the band; he fucks fans in the ass hole whilst showering himself in skittles and lizard pee. Siva Kaneswaren is the extreamly sexy irish guy, his cheek bones are like razor blades and he will cut you in half with his ginormous cock. Nathan Sykes is the baby of the band, understandably he has the smallest dick but hey, he's the most intelligent so therefore he has sex with many woman. Tom Parker likes to have sex with parrots, sometimes after penitrating these parrots he gets very angry, resulting in a 'tom tantrum'. Max George is the bold guy in the band, everyone thinks he has a large penis, and if you do to, you're probably right, Max is known to be in a relationship with Tom, you can 'ship' them under then name of 'Tomax'. On weekends Nathan Sykes dresses up as a female for his boyfriend Jay McGuiness, they're couple name is 'Jaythan'. Even though this is anonomously written, I can guarentee that I've seen Jay Mcguiness' huge lizard. All in all, The Wanted are the most attractive, sexy and most talented boyband in the world right now.
by PhoMcGuiness November 28, 2012

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