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(n) A universal word, can be but is not limited to the following:

Moronic highschool boys, European chestnuts, chicken patties, duct tape bags, gorrilas named philis in Stockholm, Stockholm, water bottles, the ringing of a telephone, HGTV, runners, pure bred dogs, cards received on Valentine's day, the end of World War II, N*SYNC songs, Jessica Simpson's music videos (recent)*, school lunch, chicken stew, Aladin, parentheses, asshats, seniors, male genitalia, gonads and strife, Hugh Grant's prostitute, babies born in February, tropical plant life, librarians, Sweet Caroline, The Yankees, the Pacific Ocean, Dell Computers, Girlscout Cookies, bio homework, Mary Kate and Ashley movies made after their seventh-and-a-half year, games with age limits, no soap in highschool bathrooms, ringtones, Chuck Berry, Chuck Norris, numchucks, knickerbockers, unsanitary workout equiptment, prehistoric cell phones; anything prehistoric, cat toys, cat nip, Santa Claus, Latin, Chevy, getting hit by a bus, orange fruit, seashells, starfish in the desert, and buttwater.

*To satisfy our readers
"I just consumed an illegitamate fold."
"The optomologist removed an illegitamate fold from my left testicle."
"The Red Sox PWNED the illegitamate fold."
by Philis and Earl Jr. Czachistan November 17, 2007

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