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A lost civilization, once known for their great knowledge and power. They have left many legacies, including the language of lofian, lofian physics and math, as well as their culture, which is seen in Britland and most of Swicily
They should teach lofian at more schools, its not a dead language.
by Philip Sap June 13, 2008
A continent that contains many of the cities of modern day Lof.
Im going to be leaving for Swicily soon, im starting my schooling at Loaf-U
by Philip Sap June 13, 2008
God of the kittyloaf. Has the touch of Midas and can turn anything it touches to bread.
Oh no, its Deloke, dont let it touch you!
by Philip Sap May 26, 2008
A man who has a beard that is made of a monkey. The only way to shave this monkey is with Occum's Razor.
I shaved the monkeybeard and became rich!
by Philip Sap June 14, 2008
The egg of a snake, as thought of in common lofian lore
Dont touch that watermelon, it might hatch soon.
by Philip Sap June 13, 2008
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