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The propensity for a woman to become loose with the liberal application of alcohol.
Look at that Alcohoe, she's throwing her name away.
Steve, you still dating Alice? No way dude, that chicks an alcohoe.
I don't like sports bars, full of jocks and alcohoes.
#slut #promiscuous #alcohol-induced #jock #chick #loose
by Philgrae January 16, 2009
The promiscuous side-effect of over-indulgence of alcohol among underaged girls and bar-flies.
The leading cause of underaged pregnancy has been attributed to alcohoeism?
Alcohoeism is responsible for most cases of coyote ugly syndrome
#promiscuous #barfly #sophomore #alcohol #slut #whore #addict
by Philgrae January 16, 2009
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