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unkept, greasy looking individuals that loiter in front of convenience stores, coffee shops, etc. Often congregated around pick up trucks wearing Nascar / Ski-Doo attire.
'I saw a group of scruds sitting out front of the Tim Horton's'**

** Or Dunkin' Donuts for our American friends
#loitering #dirtbags #rednecks #greaseballs #punks
by Phil Shep April 07, 2007
Unkept, greasy looking, 20-30 something individuals that take pride loitering in parking lots of convenience stores, coffee shops, 7-Elevens etc. Scruds are most often in groups, congregated around pick-up trucks wearing some sort of Nascar / Ski-Doo paraphernalia. There is really no purpose to their actions.
I saw a group of dirty scruds hanging out in front of 7-Eleven
#loitering #parking lot #dirtbags #rednecks #7 eleven
by Phil Shep December 31, 2007
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