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a homosexual
That kid, Jonathan, from "Who's the Boss" is a straight up terd burglar. Robble, robble. Cagobble, cagobble.
by Phil Kuntz December 02, 2002
1. to be so conceited and/or stupid that you think that people would want to see you doing anything, including appearing in a movie as a genie
2. an explitive uttered while trying to struggle through 5 minutes of "Kazaam" starring Shaquille O'Neal
1. I hope Kobe don't think he all kazaam an' shit.
2. KAZAAM!!! I can't believe this motherfucka just did a rap where the chorus was "We be genies."
by Phil Kuntz December 02, 2002
female sex organ
Man, nothing feels like being up in some bagina.
by Phil Kuntz December 02, 2002
1. to leave someplace
2. to leave someplace quickly
The popos are here, I'm indy 500.
by Phil Kuntz December 02, 2002

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