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2 definitions by Phil Hendrick

Portmanteau of the words faff and avalanche.

Generally used to describe a situation where one persons faffing causes a series of faffs from several people, usually resulting in delay.

These faffs would most likely have not occured were it not for the initial faffer, therefore they have caused a faffalanche.
Example 1: Group of people just about ready to leave the house.

Person 1: "Taxi's here!"
Person 2: "Oh, hang on, im going to change my shirt"
Person 3: "I might change mine if you are"
Person 4: "Im going to use the toilet while you do that"
Person 5: "Im going to grab another beer then"

A faffalanche has been caused.

Example 2:

Person 2: "I might change my shirt"
Person 1: "Don't, the taxi's here and you'll cause a faffalanche"

A faffalanche has been prevented.
by Phil Hendrick October 10, 2007

Taking a short break to stick a jazz tune on, or more generally, zoning out for a while.
"Hey i've been calling you for 5 minutes"
"Sorry man, I was having a jazzalude"

"I need a break. Think ill have a jazzalude. Now where's my Ramsey Lewis..."
by Phil Hendrick June 08, 2006