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See slagorama. Copious quantities of slags in ones vision (and possibly face) which one is immensely pleased about. Slags + Terrific = Slagerific!!!!
"Wow dude, this place is Slagerific, let's get stuck in!"
by Phil Collins December 29, 2003
A "Gooch-Munchah-Moonah-Burger" is someone or something with the special skill to "skat" from their own earholes. Famous celebrities which have this amazing skill include, Stephen Hawkings, Bill Gate, Joe Pasquale and Vanessa Feltz.
OMG d00d !!! You sick Gooch-Munchah-Moonah-Burger, there is skat pertruding from your ear hole! You make me friggin sick.
by Phil Collins February 24, 2005
Something that is stereotyped.... no... something that blacks eat and gorillas. (no offense)
"Omg Tyrone, u eating a banana"
by Phil Collins April 29, 2005

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